Method types

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) includes different types of methods that you can use to inspect or transform your data. Using these different methods, you can inspect data both on and off Google Cloud and optimize Cloud DLP behavior for different types of workloads.

Cloud DLP provides the following method types:

Content methods

Content methods are synchronous, stateless methods. The data to be inspected or transformed is sent directly in the request to the DLP API. Cloud DLP inspection findings or transformed data is returned in the API response. Request data is encrypted in transit and is not persisted.

To learn more, explore the REST API reference for content methods:

Storage methods

Storage methods are designed to inspect data stored on Google Cloud in systems like Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Datastore. To enable storage inspection, you create a Cloud DLP job using the dlpJobs resource. Each job runs as a managed service to inspect data and then perform DLP actions such as save or publish findings. In addition to these optional actions, Cloud DLP creates and persists details about the job including job status, bytes scanned, and summary findings per infoType. Jobs can be managed using the DLP API or Cloud DLP in the Google Cloud Console.

To learn more, explore the REST API reference for storage methods:

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