Delight customers with intuitive omnichannel conversational AI.

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Dialogflow CX

Dialogflow CX is an advanced development suite for creating conversational AI applications, including chatbots, voicebots, and IVR bots. It includes a visual bot-building platform, collaboration and versioning tools, and advanced IVR feature support, and is optimized for enterprise scale and complexity. Dialogflow CX is cross-platform and can connect to your own apps, existing telephony platforms, and digital platforms. Dialogflow CX users have access to Google Cloud Support and a service level agreement (SLA) for production deployments.

Powered by Google machine learning logo

Google machine learning

With Dialogflow CX, enjoy the best of Google’s AI capabilities like advanced natural language models, optimized speech-to-text models, auto speech adaptation, and the latest text-to-speech advances.

Visual flow builder logo

Visual flow builder

Interactive flow visualizations allow conversation builders to quickly see, understand, edit, and share their work. It also allows for easy collaboration across teams.

Omnichannel implementation logo

Omnichannel implementation

Build once, deploy everywhere. You can build across platforms including web, mobile UI, and popular telephony integrations such as Genesys, Avaya, or Cisco, and digital channels.

Enterprise readiness logo

Enterprise readiness

Support enterprise scale—up to 40,000 intents—and handle complex customer questions while counting on enterprise-grade security, compliance, and regionalization.

Native IVR settings logo

Native IVR settings

Optimized for Contact Center AI deployments and integrates with popular telephony platforms like Genesys, Avaya, and Cisco. Supports IVR settings like barge-in, DTMF, and live agent hand-off.

State-based data models logo

State-based data models

Allows developers to reuse intents, intuitively define transitions and data conditions, and handle supplemental questions.

Flow-based modules logo

Flow-based modules

Allows modularization of bot for ease of management. Provides separate teams with the ability to work on independent flows using the same bot. Supports versioning and A/B tests for testing flow-based modules.

Multilingual support logo

Multilingual support

Dialogflow CX supports 20+ languages, enabling you to engage with more audiences by building multilingual agents with global reach.

Efficient customer experience logo

Efficient customer experience

Provides end users with natural experiences that include multi-turn conversations. Handles supplementals, meaning it allows end users to deviate from the main topic, then gracefully returns to the main flow.

Dialogflow Essentials

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Advanced natural language and speech logo

Advanced natural language and speech

Natural language understanding in Dialogflow Essentials lets developers take advantage of 40+ prebuilt agents as templates. Powered by Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech, Dialogflow Essentials supports real-time streaming and synchronous modes.

Commerce logo

Quick to build and deploy

Fast and easy builder for small bots with single topic conversations. Perfect for simple interactions with growing customer needs. 

Cross channel logo

Cross channel

Deploy across popular digital channels, including Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more.

Dialogflow CX brings conversation state management to a whole new level.

Lukasz Rewerenda, Principal Solutions Architect, Randstad (Netherlands)


Each new customer will receive a $600 credit for a free trial of Dialogflow CX. This credit is automatically activated upon using Dialogflow CX for the first time and expires after 12 months. This is a Dialogflow-specific extension of the Google Cloud free trial.

For details, see Pricing and Quotas and Limits.

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Delight customers with intuitive omnichannel conversational AI.

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