Cloud logging

Dialogflow API requests and responses can optionally be logged to Cloud logging for your agent. You can also control the region in which these logs are stored.

Enable Cloud logging

To enable or disable Cloud logging for your agent, see the logging options in the agent's general settings.

Viewing Cloud logs

Once you enable Cloud logging for an agent, you can browse these logs using the Cloud Logs Explorer.

You can also access all of the logs for an agent by clicking the Open logs link in the agent's general settings.

Log format

For detailed information on the log format, see Log entry structure.

The following is a partial list of log entry titles used by Dialogflow:

  • Dialogflow Request
  • Dialogflow Response
  • Dialogflow fulfillment request
  • Dialogflow fulfillment response
  • Dialogflow fulfillment error
Request and response log entries have a textPayload field in the HOCON or Human-Optimized Config Object Notation format. The content of this payload resembles the structure of like-named Dialogflow API REST requests and responses as defined in Dialogflow reference documentation.


By default, Dialogflow Cloud log entries are routed to the _Default logs bucket, which is global. If you have data residency requirements for your project, you can route your logs to a region-specific logs bucket. For instructions, see regionalizing your project's logs using logs buckets.