REST Resource: projects.agent.sessions.entityTypes

Resource: SessionEntityType

Represents a session entity type.

Extends or replaces a custom entity type at the user session level (we refer to the entity types defined at the agent level as "custom entity types").

Note: session entity types apply to all queries, regardless of the language.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "entityOverrideMode": enum (EntityOverrideMode),
  "entities": [
      object (Entity)


Required. The unique identifier of this session entity type. Format: projects/<Project ID>/agent/sessions/<Session ID>/entityTypes/<Entity Type Display Name>.

<Entity Type Display Name> must be the display name of an existing entity type in the same agent that will be overridden or supplemented.


enum (EntityOverrideMode)

Required. Indicates whether the additional data should override or supplement the custom entity type definition.


object (Entity)

Required. The collection of entities associated with this session entity type.


The types of modifications for a session entity type.

ENTITY_OVERRIDE_MODE_UNSPECIFIED Not specified. This value should be never used.
ENTITY_OVERRIDE_MODE_OVERRIDE The collection of session entities overrides the collection of entities in the corresponding custom entity type.

The collection of session entities extends the collection of entities in the corresponding custom entity type.

Note: Even in this override mode calls to entityTypes.list, entityTypes.get, entityTypes.create and entityTypes.patch only return the additional entities added in this session entity type. If you want to get the supplemented list, please call EntityTypes.GetEntityType on the custom entity type and merge.



Creates a session entity type.


Deletes the specified session entity type.


Retrieves the specified session entity type.


Returns the list of all session entity types in the specified session.


Updates the specified session entity type.
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