Dialogflow Spark Integration allows you to easily create Spark bots with natural language understanding based on the Dialogflow technology.

Setting Up Spark

In order to set up the Spark integration for your agent, you'll need the following:

Creating a Bot in Cisco Spark

  1. Go to and login
  2. Click on the plus icon in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click the Create a Bot button
  4. Enter the following information on the resulting page:
    1. Display Name
    2. Bot Username
    3. Icon
  5. Click the Add Bot button
  6. Scroll down and copy the Access Token

Setting Up Dialogflow

  1. In Dialogflow, go to Integrations in the left hand menu
  2. Click on the Spark tile
  3. Paste the Access Token into the related field
  4. Click the Start button


To test your bot, log in to and search for your bot's username. This will be in the <USERNAME> format.

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