The analytics page gives you insight into how well your agent is performing, so you can work to further improve the user experience you're providing.

We show two types of data related to the agent and the conversations it's been a part of:

  • Usage data: Number of sessions and queries per session.
  • NLU data: Most frequently used intents and exit percentages.


Clicking on Analytics in the left hand menu will take you to UI Dashboard. Here, you can review statistics relevant to the specific agent.


Using the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner, you can filter the data by a chosen date range (1 day, 7 days, or 30 days).


Sessions represent each time a user interacts with your agent. Both complete and incomplete (where users just stopped responding) conversations are logged and count towards session-related metrics.

Sessions yesterday

The graph above represents daily sessions with your agent. One-day values are plotted over time and are based off the 6 AM UTC timezone. The value above the graph ("41" in the screenshot) represents the number of sessions from the previous day (yesterday). The blue line in the graph shows the data for the current day or time period and the secondary, dotted line (light blue) indicates the data from the previous day or time period, so you can compare recent changes.

Queries per session yesterday

This section shows the average number of messages from the user per day. The secondary, dotted line (light blue) indicates the change from the last time period.


The following table shows the agent's intents in order of popularity. Data in the table includes:

  • Intent name
  • Sessions: The number of sessions in which the intent was matched.
  • Count: The number of times the intent was used (total from all sessions).
  • Exit %: The percentage of sessions where a user exited the conversation in the specified intent. This is taken from the total number of sessions where this same intent was matched.
  • Agent response time: Average response time to user requests.

Session flow

The following chart visually summarizes the conversational paths your users have taken when interacting with your agent:

Hover your cursor over the intent names (blue boxes) to see the following information:

  • The percentage of all users that matched the intent.
  • The number of requests the intent was matched to.
  • The percentage of users that exited the intent.

Click Explore to view the chart in a larger format. While viewing the chart in this format, you can click on an intent to expand the chart and show which intents were matched next.