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  • Dialogflow
  • CCAI
  • Speech

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Lee Boonstra photograph

Lee Boonstra

(she / her)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Language: Dutch, English


  • Lee Boonstra has been at Google since 2017. She is a conversational AI expert and has helped many businesses develop AI-powered chatbots and voice assistants at an enterprise scale. They are building smart AI platforms on the Google Cloud Platform using Dialogflow for intent detection and natural language processing, speech recognition technology, and contact center technology.
  • Lee has worn different hats in the past 17 years. She began her career as an engineer developing websites and apps for famous brands and large enterprises such as ING Bank, KLM, and Heineken. She worked for Sencha Inc. as a lead technical trainer and curriculum creator before moving to Google as a developer advocate.
  • A developer advocate's role is to bridge the Google engineering team and the developer community. Her job is to give feedback to both parties, equally, in both ways. Developer relations at Google falls under engineering, and it includes writing public open-source code, writing technical documentation, public speaking, and creating (video) content.
  • She is also a published author. She wrote a book for O'Reilly on mobile web applications, and currently, she is writing the Google Conversational AI book for Apress.
  • Besides writing and her work at Google, she is an active member of the DDMA Voice Committee in the Netherlands. This task force aims to increase the belief in the 'voice channel' by showing brands and publishers its opportunities for marketing, sales, and service and, therefore, to give it a permanent place in the digital transformation.
  • With so many roles, there is one title that she is the proudest of: being the mother of her newborn; Rebel.

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