Supported GCP type providers

If you want to create a resource using a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) type provider, use the following syntax in your configuration:

- name: example-resource
  type: gcp-types/[PROVIDER]:[RESOURCE]

Where [PROVIDER] is a GCP service, such as compute-v1, and [RESOURCE] is the resource you want to create, such as instances.

For example, if you want to create a reserved IP address using the Compute Engine v1 API, use the following syntax:

type: gcp-types/compute-v1:addresses

The following is a list of GCP type providers supported for deployments. To speed up creating your deployments, consider using the production-ready templates from the Cloud Foundation Toolkit Project in the Deployment Manager GitHub repository.

Depending on the service and its launch stage, you might be able to create additional resource types in your deployments. For a full list of resource types, including resources that are in alpha, run the following command:

gcloud beta deployment-manager types list --project gcp-types

You can also create your own type providers, such as for third-party APIs. For an overview of creating a type provider, see Integrating with Deployment Manager

Service Type provider
App Engine gcp-types/appengine-v1 Resource snippets
Access Context Manager gcp-types/accesscontextmanager-v1beta Resource snippets
BigQuery gcp-types/bigquery-v2 Resource snippets
Cloud Bigtable gcp-types/bigtableadmin-v2 Resource snippets
Cloud Build gcp-types/cloudbuild-v1 Resource snippets
Cloud Functions gcp-types/cloudfunctions-v1 Resource snippets
Cloud Key Management Service gcp-types/cloudkms-v1 Resource snippets
Resource Manager (v1) gcp-types/cloudresourcemanager-v1 Resource snippets
Resource Manager (v2) gcp-types/cloudresourcemanager-v2 Resource snippets
Compute Engine (Alpha) gcp-types/compute-alpha Resource snippets
Compute Engine (Beta) gcp-types/compute-beta Resource snippets
Compute Engine gcp-types/compute-v1 Resource snippets
Google Kubernetes Engine


Resource snippets
Google Kubernetes Engine (v1 Beta 1) gcp-types/container-v1beta1 Resource snippets
Cloud Dataproc gcp-types/dataproc-v1 Resource snippets
Cloud DNS gcp-types/dns-v1 Resource snippets
Cloud Filestore gcp-types/file-v1beta1 Resource snippets
Cloud Identity and Access Management gcp-types/iam-v1 Resource snippets
Stackdriver Logging gcp-types/logging-v2 Resource snippets
Stackdriver Monitoring gcp-types/monitoring-v3 Resource snippets
Cloud Pub/Sub gcp-types/pubsub-v1 Resource snippets
Cloud Memorystore gcp-types/redis-v1 Resource snippets
Cloud Memorystore (v1 Beta 1) gcp-types/redis-v1beta1 Resource snippets
Cloud Runtime Configuration API gcp-types/runtimeconfig-v1beta1 Resource snippets
Service Management gcp-types/servicemanagement-v1 Resource snippets
Cloud Spanner gcp-types/spanner-v1 Resource snippets
Cloud SQL (v1 Beta 4) gcp-types/sqladmin-v1beta4 Resource snippets
Cloud Storage gcp-types/storage-v1 Resource snippets
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