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Preconfigured VMs for deep learning applications.
Build your deep learning project fast on Google Cloud

Build your deep learning project fast on Google Cloud

Provision a VM quickly and effortlessly, with everything you need to get your deep learning project started on Google Cloud. AI Platform Deep Learning VM Image makes it easy and fast to instantiate a VM image containing the most popular deep learning and machine learning frameworks on a Google Compute Engine instance. You can launch Compute Engine instances pre-installed with popular ML frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, or scikit-learn. You can also add Cloud TPU and GPU support with a single click. You can either instantiate the image using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Marketplace UI or through Cloud SDK from the command line.

Fast prototyping

With popular frameworks pre-installed, Deep Learning VM Image allows you to prototype your ML project quickly without any hand-rolled solutions.

Train your models faster

You can choose to add the latest Cloud TPU or GPUs on Google Cloud to your instance in a single click and accelerate your model training jobs.


Deep Learning VM Image offers you the flexibility to choose between different ML frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and scikit-learn.


Optimized for speed

The VM images includes binaries that are optimized for Google Compute Engine. These binaries help you get up to 10% faster performance vs. publicly available binaries of TensorFlow on Compute Engine.

No setup needed

The VM images come pre-installed with all software drivers and third-party dependencies, including the latest GPU software.

Integrated notebook experience

The VM images deliver a seamless notebook experience with integrated support for JupyterLab, the latest web-based interface for Project Jupyter, the de facto standard of interactive environments for running ML experiments.

Up-to-date support

The VM images support the latest TensorFlow and PyTorch versions.

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