Cloud Debugger is deprecated and will be shutdown May 31, 2023. See the deprecations page and release notes for more information.

Cloud Debugger API

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Examines the call stack and variables of a running application without stopping or slowing it down.


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.


ListActiveBreakpoints Returns the list of all active breakpoints for the debuggee.
RegisterDebuggee Registers the debuggee with the controller service.
UpdateActiveBreakpoint Updates the breakpoint state or mutable fields.


DeleteBreakpoint Deletes the breakpoint from the debuggee.
GetBreakpoint Gets breakpoint information.
ListBreakpoints Lists all breakpoints for the debuggee.
ListDebuggees Lists all the debuggees that the user has access to.
SetBreakpoint Sets the breakpoint to the debuggee.