Method: debugger.debuggees.breakpoints.list

Lists all breakpoints for the debuggee.

HTTP request


(This URI uses URI Template syntax.)

Path parameters

Parameter name Type Description
debuggeeId string ID of the debuggee whose breakpoints to list.

Query parameters

Parameter name Type Description
includeAllUsers boolean When set to true, the response includes the list of breakpoints set by any user. Otherwise, it includes only breakpoints set by the caller.
includeInactive boolean When set to true, the response includes active and inactive breakpoints. Otherwise, it includes only active breakpoints.
action object(BreakpointActionValue) When set, the response includes only breakpoints with the specified action.
stripResults boolean When set to true, the response breakpoints are stripped of the results fields: stackFrames, evaluatedExpressions and variableTable.
waitToken string A wait token that, if specified, blocks the call until the breakpoints list has changed, or a server selected timeout has expired. The value should be set from the last response. The error code google.rpc.Code.ABORTED (RPC) is returned on wait timeout, which should be called again with the same waitToken.
clientVersion string The client version making the call. Following: domain/type/version (e.g.,

Request body

The request body must be empty.

Response body

If successful, the response body contains data with the following structure:

Response for listing breakpoints.

JSON representation
  "breakpoints": [
  "nextWaitToken": string,
Field name Type Description
breakpoints[] object(Breakpoint) List of all breakpoints with complete state. The fields id and location are guaranteed to be set on each breakpoint.
nextWaitToken string A wait token that can be used in the next call to list (REST) or breakpoints.list (RPC) to block until the list of breakpoints has changes.


Requires one of the following OAuth scopes:


For more information, see the Auth Guide.


Wrapper message for Breakpoint.Action. Defines a filter on the action field of breakpoints.

JSON representation
  "value": enum(Action),
Field name Type Description
value enum(Action) Only breakpoints with the specified action will pass the filter.

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