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When migrating apps to the cloud, the database can often be the most difficult part. It doesn't have to be. The move to a cloud-based database can unlock workloads and enable new use cases. Database migration, however, often requires downtime and changes in application logic, which makes migration very challenging. To ease the migration process, Google Cloud offers a migration assessment guide, migration tools, and collaboration with our partners to help manage the full life cycle of database migration.

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Migrating to the same type of database

You can lift and shift your database to Google Cloud with 100% open-source-compatible databases like Cloud SQL for MySQL, Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, Cloud Memorystore for Redis, and Cloud Bigtable (HBase client for Java). Many customers leverage built-in features like an external master for Cloud SQL to minimize downtime during migration.

Migrating to a new type of database

Whether you're moving from proprietary to open-source databases or migrating from traditional databases to scalable cloud-native databases, you can leverage migration tools to make your migration simpler. Google Cloud database migration partners who are experienced in database migration provide tools like migration assessment that scans your database and provides a migration difficulty score based on feature and data type compatibility. To learn more about this free tool, please contact sales team.

Migration assessment guides

Please read migration assessment guides to help your database migration.

Database migration partners

Google Cloud Partners are available to help make your migration painless.

Migration customers

See database migration success stories directly from our customers.


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