Dataproc Partners

Take advantage of our growing partner ecosystem and tools to make using Google Cloud Dataproc even easier and more powerful. Our partners help you design, implement, and support the process of loading, visualizing, and distilling insights from your data.

Technology Partners

Arimo delivers big data predictive intelligence to business users with natural language query, team collaboration, dashboards, and familiar R and Python tools for data scientists—all running in Google Cloud Platform using Cloud Dataproc's fast, low-cost, and fully managed Spark service.

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AtScale makes BI work on Big Data. AtScale is a modern BI Platform that enables businesses to work seamlessly across all of Big Data, on premises, in the Cloud, on Hadoop and non-Hadoop datasources like Google Dataproc and BigQuery. With AtScale, business users get interactive and multi-dimensional analysis capabilities, directly on Big Data, at maximum speed, using the tools they already know, own and love – from Microsoft Excel to Tableau Software to QlikView.

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Attunity helps customers move data to the cloud, get value from that data easily, and run Hadoop and Spark service by using Google Cloud Dataproc. Attunity offers automated and optimized data loading from your databases into Google Cloud Dataproc, quickly, easily and affordably.

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Ideata analytics provides a self-service data preparation platform for users to ingest, prepare and analyze data. With connectors to numerous data sources - including Hadoop, BigQuery, relational databases, excel sheets, flat files etc. - it gives users direct access to their data to perform deep dive exploration. Using its drag and drop functionality, users can quickly visualize their data and interactively find hidden insights in it.

Google Cloud Dataproc is a fully managed service that lets you run Spark and Hadoop on the Google Cloud Platform. Looker works alongside Google Cloud Dataproc and makes it easy for data analysts to quickly build a data model to access, describe, and analyze all their data in Cloud Dataproc. Transforming petabytes of raw data into meaningful metrics lets business teams ask and answer their own questions without bogging down your data analysts.

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Kyvos provides an OLAP-on-Big Data technology that is massively scalable and responds to queries in record-short time in the order of single-digit seconds. With Kyvos native support for Cloud Dataproc, business users can analyze cloud-based data with Kyvos and use their BI tools of choice, including Tableau, Excel, MicroStrategy, and more, to obtain powerful business insights with instant response times.

WANdisco provides enterprise-ready software solutions that meet today’s data challenges of secure storage, scalability, and availability behind the firewall and in the cloud. WANdisco’s Active Migrator for Cloud Dataproc works seamlessly to enable active-transactional data migration at petabyte scale between any number of on-premises and Cloud Dataproc clusters without downtime or disruption.

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Zoomdata delivers the fastest visual analytics for Big Data. With Zoomdata for Cloud Dataproc, any user can connect, stream, and engage in dynamic visualizations with any data hosted by Google Cloud Platform.

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Service Partners

Cloud Dataproc allows Moser to develop and deploy big data solutions that leverage other key Google Cloud Platform services to quickly address our clients’ needs.

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Pythian provides expert service support for your Cloud Dataproc implementation; helping you take full advantage of its features, such as pay-per-use billing, painless data integration, scalability, and more.

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Tectonic guides enterprises in efficient adoption of Cloud Dataproc’s managed Spark and Hadoop services by imparting knowledge and best practices to your staff with thorough knowledge of complementary technologies.

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