Cloud Dataproc Hadoop Data Storage

Cloud Dataproc integrates with Apache Hadoop and the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). The following features and considerations can be important when selecting compute and data storage options for Cloud Dataproc clusters and jobs:

  • HDFS with Cloud Storage: Cloud Dataproc uses the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for storage. Additionally, Cloud Dataproc automatically installs the HDFS-compatible Cloud Storage connector, which enables the use of Cloud Storage in parallel with HDFS. Data can be moved in and out of a cluster through upload/download to HDFS or Cloud Storage.
  • VM disks:
    • By default, HDFS data and intermediate shuffle data is stored on VM boot disks, which are Persistent Disks.
    • If you use local SSDs, Hadoop I/O including HDFS is located on the SSDs.
    • PD size and type affect performance and VM size, whether using HDFS or Cloud Storage for data storage.
    • VM Boot disks are deleted when the cluster is deleted.
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