Cloud Dataproc Hive WebHCat Component

You can install additional components when you create a Cloud Dataproc cluster using the Optional Components feature. This page describes the Hive WebHCat component.

The Hive WebHCat component provides a REST API for HCatalog. The REST service is available on port 50111 on the cluster's first master node.

Install the component

Install the component when you create a Cloud Dataproc cluster. Components can be added to clusters created with Cloud Dataproc version 1.3 and later.

See Supported Cloud Dataproc versions for the component version included in each Cloud Dataproc image release.

gcloud command

To create a Cloud Dataproc cluster that includes the Hive WebHCat component, use the gcloud dataproc clusters create cluster-name command with the --optional-components flag (using image version 1.3 or later).

gcloud dataproc clusters create cluster-name \
    --optional-components=HIVE_WEBHCAT \
    --image-version=1.3 \
    ... other flags


The Hive WebHCat component can be specified through the Cloud Dataproc API using SoftwareConfig.Component as part of a clusters.create request.


In the GCP Console, open the Cloud Dataproc Create a cluster page. Click "Advanced options" at the bottom of the page to view the Optional Components section.

Click "Select component" to open the Optional components selection panel. Select one or more components to install on your cluster.

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