Dataprep by Trifacta Pricing

Dataprep is an interactive web application in which users define the data preparation rules by interacting with a sample of their data. Use of the application is free. Once a data preparation flow has been defined, the sample can be exported for free or the flow can be executed as a Dataprep job (using Dataflow) over the original dataset.


When you submit a job to Dataprep, it is executed by Dataflow workers. Dataprep is billed according to the number of Dataflow worker virtual CPUs (vCPUs) that are needed to process a job and the time that the vCPUs are used multiplied by the Dataprep service rate of $0.60 per hour.

The Dataprep service is available in each of the Dataflow regions.

Example: A Dataprep job runs for 1 hour and requires 5 Dataflow virtual CPUs.

Dataprep job cost = 1 hour * $0.60 * 5 vCPUs = $3.00