Projects Menu

To choose a different Cloud Dataprep by TRIFACTA INC. project, select the drop-down next to the name of your project in the toolbar. Google Cloud Storage must be available for access.

NOTE: To remove a user and his or her assets from a project, please contact Support.

Figure: Projects Menu

To view all of the available projects, click View more projects:

Tip: You can also search by project name or project Id.

Tip: Some projects may appear disabled. If you hover over an entry, you may review the reason why you cannot access it.

NOTE: To browse a project, it must have a least one folder created for it. For more information, please contact your Google Cloud Storage administrator.

Figure: Choose a project

You can begin creating flows and importing datasets.

NOTE: You can change the locations where you upload files and store job results and other temporary data. See User Profile Page.

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