Project Settings Page

Review and modify the settings related to your Google Cloud Platform project.

Project ID

(read only) Your current project.

Use the Project menu to select a different project. For more information, see Projects Menu.

Disable Dataprep

To disable Cloud Dataprep by TRIFACTA INC. for this project, click the link.

NOTE: To remove a user and his or her assets from a project, please contact Support.

Dataflow Execution Settings:

RegionA region is a specific geographical location where you can run your resources.

A sub-section of region, a zone contains specific resources.

Select Auto Zone to allow the platform to choose the zone for you.

Machine TypeChoose the type of machine on which to run your job. The default is n1-standard-1.

Making changes to Region, Zone, or Machine Type can affect the time and cost of job executions. For more information, see

For more information on machine types,

Advanced Settings:

VPC network mode

Select the network mode to use.

If the network mode is set to Auto (default), the job is executed over publicly available IP addresses. Do not set values for Network, Subnetwork, and Worker IP address configuration.

NOTE: Unless you have specific reasons to modify these settings, you should leave them as the default values. These network settings apply to job execution. Preview and sampling use the default network settings.

For Custom VPC networks:

  1. Specify the name of the VPC network in your region.
  2. Specify the name of the Subnetwork to the VPC network. If both Network and Subnetwork are specified, Subnetwork is used.
  3. Review and specify the Worker IP address configuration setting. See below.

For more information:

NetworkTo use a different VPC network, enter the name of the VPC network to use as an override for this job. Click Save to apply the override.
SubnetworkTo specify a different sub-network, enter the name of the sub-network. Click Save to apply the override.
Worker IP address configuration

If the VPC Network mode is set to custom, then choose one of the following:

  • Allow public IP addresses - Use Cloud Dataflow workers that are available through public IP addresses. No further configuration is required.
  • Use internal IP addresses only - Cloud Dataflow workers use private IP addresses for all communication.
    • If a Subnetwork is specified, then the Network value is ignored.
    • The specified Network or Subnetwork must have Private Google Access enabled.