Parquet Data Type Conversions

NOTE: The Cloud Dataprep data types listed in this page reflect the raw data type of the converted column. Depending on the contents of the column, the Transformer Page may re-infer a different data type, when a dataset using this type of source is loaded.


NOTE: Cloud Dataprep by TRIFACTA INC. does not support ingest of Parquet files with nested values, which can occur for Map or Object data types.


Data Type

Cloud Dataprep Data Type


Limitations on import:

The Parquet data format supports the use of row groups for organizing chunks of data. This row grouping is helpful for processing across distributed systems.

Cloud Dataprep by TRIFACTA INC. places limitations on the volume of data that can be displayed in the browser. By default, these limits are set to 10 MB.

If Parquet row groups are greater than 10 MB:

  • You cannot preview data from the file before import.
  • When a Parquet-based dataset is loaded in the Transformer page, the screen may be blank.

    Tip: You can create a new sample from inside the Transformer page. The sample is displayed normally.

Other product functions work as expected with Parquet format.

Export - Exceptions

Export to this file format is not supported.

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