Jobs Page

In the Jobs page, you can track the status of all of your running, complete, or failed jobs. You can only see jobs for the flows to which you have access in your currently selected project.

Figure: Jobs page


  • Job ID: Internal identifier for the job. This value is unique for all jobs in your Cloud Dataprep deployment.
  • Flow/Dataset:
    • Flow indicates the name of the flow for the job's data. Click the flow name to view details. See Flow View Page.
    • Click the dataset name to view details. See Dataset Details Page.
  • Status:

    Tip: Click the status value to see the job card for the job. To view the job results, click View Results. See Job Results Page.

    • Pending: Job has been queued for execution.
    • Transforming: Job is in progress.
    • Completed: Job has successfully executed.

    • Stopped: Job was stopped by user.

      Failed: Job failed to complete.

      NOTE: You can re-run a failed job from the Transformer page. If you have since modified the recipe, those changes are applied during the second run. See Transformer Page.

    • Publish Failed: Publishing job failed to complete.
  • Created: Start timestamp for the job.

  • Duration: Length of time to execute the job.
  • Execution: How the job was executed:
    • Manual - Job was executed through the application interface.


  • Search: Enter text in the search field to filter the listed jobs by job ID, flow name, or dataset name. The list is filtered as you type.
  • Sort: Next to the headers of some columns, you can click the carets to sort the order of display.

Next to the job listing, click the options menu to see the following:


Cloud Dataflow Job

View the job on Cloud Dataflow.

Export Results

Export the results of a completed job. See Export Results Window.
View steps and dependenciesView steps of the recipe being executed and any dependencies referenced in the recipe.

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