Import Flow

An exported flow can be imported into Cloud Dataprep by TRIFACTA INC..


You cannot import flows that were exported from a different edition, release, or build of the product.

NOTE: You cannot import flows into a Dev instance that is not the same instance from which it was exported.

Imported flows do not contain the following objects:

  • Reference datasets
  • Samples

Import into a new Google Cloud Platform project

NOTE: Cloud Dataprep by TRIFACTA® INC. only supports importing flows that have been exported from the same version of Cloud Dataprep by TRIFACTA INC.. You cannot import flows that have been exported from older versions of the same product or other data preparation products.

When a flow is imported from one Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project into another GCP project, the underlying data must be accessible through the imported flow in the new GCP project. This means:

  • Source data must be accessible to all users who have access to the imported flow. Please see Cross-Project Data Access for more details.
  • If the flow is shared with other users of the project, they must have access to the underlying data.
  • Samples must be re-created, since they are not included in the import.

NOTE: If the above requirements are not met for flows imported into a different project, users may experience 403 Access Forbidden errors when attempting to connect to the flow or its underlying assets.


NOTE: When you import a flow, you import a ZIP file. Please re-ZIP before you import.


  1. Export the flow from the source system. See Export Flow.
  2. Login to the import system, if needed.
  3. Click Flows.
  4. From the context menu in the Flow page, select Import Flow.
  5. Select the ZIP file containing the exported flow. Click Open.

The flow is imported and available for use in the Flows page.