Export Flow

As needed, you can export a flow from Cloud Dataprep by TRIFACTA. An exported flow is stored in a ZIP file that contains all objects needed to use the flow in any instance of that platform that can access the flow's sources.

NOTE: Only the flow owner can export a flow.

Exported flows can be imported into the same system or different systems. Flow export is useful for:

  • Backups of work in progress

    NOTE: Importing of flows from a different release version of the platform may not work.

  • Archiving of completed development work
  • Migrating flows from one instance to another

Export from Flows Page


  1. From the menu, select Flows.
  2. In Flows page, locate the flow to export. From the context menu, select Export....
  3. Add any optional notes for the export. When the flow is imported into another environment, this notes are displayed in the user interface.
  4. To export, click Download.
  5. The ZIP file is downloaded to the default download location on your local desktop.

Tip: You can also export from Flow View. See Flow View Page.

NOTE: When you import a package, you import this ZIP file. You cannot import the contents of the ZIP. If your local environment automatically unzips ZIP files, please re-ZIP before you import. For more information, see Import Flow.

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