Datasets Page

In the Datasets page, you can review the imported and reference datasets to which you have access. You can only see datasets to which you have access in your currently selected project.

Figure: Datasets Page

  • To create a new dataset, click Import Data. See Import Data Page.
  • Click one of the pre-defined filters to show datasets of the following types:
Dataset TypeIconDescription
All All imported or reference datasets available to the current user.

Datasets that you have imported into Cloud Dataprep by TRIFACTA®.

The Source column indicates where the original source data is located.


Datasets that are references from one flow into another flow, where the dataset is sourced from a recipe.


  • Name: Name of the dataset.
  • In Flows: Count of flows in which the dataset is in use.
  • Source: Flow containing the recipe, reference dataset, or datastore where the imported dataset is located.
  • Last Updated: Timestamp of the last time that the dataset was modified.


  • Browse: If displayed, use the page browsing controls to explore the available datasets.
  • Search: To search dataset names, enter a string in the search bar. Results are highlighted immediately in the Datasets page.
  • Sort: Click a column header to sort the display by the column's entries.

Dataset Actions:

Hover over a dataset to reveal these actions on the right side of the screen.



(Imported datasets only) Review details about the dataset. See Dataset Details Page.
PreviewInspect a preview of the dataset.

NOTE: Preview is not available for binary format sources.

Wrangle in New Flow

(Imported dataset only) You can create a new flow and begin immediately wrangling the dataset. This step also creates a recipe in the flow.
Add to Flow...Add the dataset to a new or existing flow.

Edit name and description...

Change the name and description of the dataset.

Delete Dataset

Delete the dataset.

Deleting a dataset cannot be undone.

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