DAY Function

Derives the numeric day value from a Datetime value. Source value can be a a reference to a column containing Datetime values or a literal.

NOTE: If the source Datetime value does not include a valid input for this function, a missing value is returned.

Basic Usage

derive type:single value:DAY(MyDate)

Output: Generates a column of values containing the day values from the MyDate column.


derive type:single value:DAY(datetime_col)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
datetime_colYdatetimeName of column whose year values are to be computed

For more information on syntax standards, see Language Documentation Syntax Notes.


Name of the column whose day value is to be computed.

  • Missing values for this function in the source data result in missing values in the output.
  • Multiple columns and wildcards are not supported.

Usage Notes:

Required?Data TypeExample Value


Example - Date element functions

This example illustrates how a variety of date-related functions can be used to derive specific values out of a column of Datetime type.

  • YEAR - Returns the four-digit year value from a Datetime value. See YEAR Function.
  • MONTH - Returns the two-digit month value from a Datetime value. See MONTH Function.
  • MONTHNAME - Returns the full month name value from a Datetime value. See MONTHNAME Function.
  • DAY - Returns the day of the month as a numeric value from a Datetime value. See DAY Function.
  • HOUR - Returns the hour value on a 24-hour scale from a Datetime value. See HOUR Function.
  • MINUTE - Returns the minutes value from a Datetime value. See MINUTE Function.
  • SECOND - Returns the seconds value from a Datetime value. See SECOND Function.


2/8/16 15:41
12/30/15 0:00
4/26/15 7:07


derive type:single value: YEAR (date)

derive type:single value: MONTH (date)

derive type:single value: MONTHNAME (date)

derive type:single value: DAY (date)

derive type:single value: HOUR (date)

derive type:single value: MINUTE (date)

derive type:single value: SECOND (date)


NOTE: If the source Datetime value does not contain a valid input for one of these functions, no value is returned. See the second_date column below.

2/8/16 15:4120162February81541
12/30/15 0:00201512December3000
4/26/15 7:0720154April2677

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