Add or Edit Recipe Steps

To add or edit steps in your recipe, do the following:

  1. If it's not already opened, open the recipe panel:

    Figure: Recipe Panel

  2. Edit a step:
    1. Hover over the step in the recipe.
    2. When the menu bar appears, click the Pencil icon.
    3. Skip the next step.
  3. Add a step:
    1. In the recipe, hover over the step next to where you would like to add the step.
    2. When the menu bar appears, select Insert step before or Insert step after from the drop-down menu.
  4. To specify a step, you can:
    1. Select something in the data grid. A set of suggestions is provided to you. See Suggestion Cards Panel.
    2. Build a step in the Transform Builder. Enter the name of a transform in the Choose a transform textbox. Specify required and optional parameters to see a preview of the transform.
      1. See Transform Builder.
      2. See Transform Preview.
    3. For more information, see Transform Basics.
  5. After you have specified your step:
    1. To add it to the recipe as it is currently specified, click Add to Recipe. The step is inserted in the proper location.
    2. To modify it, click Modify. You can edit the step in the Transform Builder.
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