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An intelligent cloud data service to visually explore, clean, and prepare data for analysis.

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Intelligent data preparation

Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta is an intelligent data service for visually exploring, cleaning, and preparing structured and unstructured data for analysis. Cloud Dataprep is serverless and works at any scale. There is no infrastructure to deploy or manage. Easy data preparation with clicks and no code.

Fully managed and powerful

Cloud Dataprep is an integrated partner service that is operated by another company, Trifacta. Google works closely with Trifacta to provide a seamless user experience that removes the need for upfront software installation, separate licensing costs, or ongoing operational overhead. The service scales on demand to meet your growing data preparation needs so that you can stay focused on analysis.

Easy-to-use, visual interactivity

Understand data instantly with visual data distributions. With each gesture in the UI, Cloud Dataprep suggests and predicts your next ideal data transformation so you don’t have to write code.

Fast data preparation

Cloud Dataprep automatically detects schemas, datatypes, possible joins, and anomalies such as missing values, outliers, and duplicates so you get to skip the time-consuming work of profiling your data and go right to the data analysis.

Cloud Dataprep Features

Instant data exploration
Visually explore and interact with data in seconds. Instantly understand data distribution and patterns. You don't need to write code. You can prepare data with a few clicks.
Intelligent data cleansing
Cloud Dataprep automatically identifies data anomalies and helps you to take corrective action fast. Get data transformation suggestions based on your usage pattern. Standardize, structure, and join datasets easily with a guided approach.
Cloud Dataprep is a serverless service, so you do not need to create or manage infrastructure. This helps you to keep your focus on the data preparation and analysis.
Seriously powerful
Cloud Dataprep is built on top of the powerful Cloud Dataflow service. Cloud Dataprep is auto-scalable and can easily handle processing massive data sets.
Supports common data sources of any size
Process diverse datasets — structured and unstructured. Transform data stored in CSV, JSON, or relational table formats. Prepare datasets of any size, megabytes to terabytes, with equal ease.
Integrated with Google Cloud Platform
Easily process data stored in Cloud Storage, BigQuery, or from your desktop. Export clean data directly into BigQuery for further analysis. Seamlessly manage user access and data security with Cloud Identity and Access Management.

Cloud Dataprep Pricing

Cloud Dataprep is an interactive web application in which users define the data preparation rules by interacting with a sample of their data. Use of the application is free of charge. Once a data preparation flow has been defined, the sample can be exported at no charge or the flow can be executed as a Cloud Dataprep job, which will incur charges. Learn more and view complete details in our pricing guide.

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