Commands and common options

This page describes commands supported by the datalab command-line tool, and the options common to all of those commands.


datalab [-h] [--project PROJECT] [--zone ZONE] [--quiet]
        [--verbosity {debug,info,warning,error,critical,none}]
        {stop,create,list,connect,delete} ...

Available Commands


List the existing Datalab instances in a project


Create and connect to a new Datalab instance


Connect to an existing Datalab instance


Stop an existing Datalab instance


Delete an existing Datalab instance

Common Options


Show a help message and exit

--project PROJECT

The Google Cloud Platform project name to use for this invocation.

If omitted then the current project is assumed.

--zone ZONE

The zone containing the instance. If not specified, you may be prompted to select a zone.

To avoid prompting when this flag is omitted, you can set the compute/zone property:

$ gcloud config set compute/zone ZONE

A list of zones can be fetched by running:

$ gcloud compute zones list

To unset the property, run:

$ gcloud config unset compute/zone

Alternatively, the zone can be stored in the environment variable CLOUDSDK_COMPUTE_ZONE.


Do not issue any interactive prompts

--verbosity {debug,info,warning,error,critical,none}

Override the default output verbosity for this command.

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