Release Notes: Cloud Dataflow Plugin for Eclipse

This page documents production updates to the Cloud Dataflow Plugin for Eclipse. You can periodically check this page for announcements about new or updated features, bug fixes, known issues, and deprecated functionality.

The Cloud Dataflow Eclipse plugin only works with the Cloud Dataflow SDK distribution. It does not work with the Apache Beam distribution.


Added the ability to create and execute projects with the Cloud Dataflow SDK 2.x for Java. The Create Dataflow Project Wizard has a dropdown of available versions. The Pipeline Options classes used by the Cloud Dataflow pipeline will be automatically determined based on the version used by the project.


Fixed an issue that caused the Cloud Dataflow plugin for Eclipse to unintentionally use Cloud Dataflow SDK releases past the current major version. Projects generated with earlier versions of the plugin may fail to obtain PipelineOptions in the "Run as Dataflow Pipeline" dialog, and may not run. Now, available Cloud Dataflow SDK versions are restricted to the 1.x family of releases. The plugin will consistently pick the latest SDK version within this range, but not beyond.


Fixed an artifact signing issue. Security warning regarding unsigned software no longer appears during installation in Eclipse.


Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented users from successfully creating a Cloud Dataflow Java project, which manifested as an InvocationTargetException exception in the Eclipse error log.


Fixed an issue where users with a default workspace compliance level below 1.7 were unable to create a project. The target platform of the created project is now set to the higher of the workspace complicance level and 1.7.

Streamlined the user experience for the new project wizard and run as Cloud Dataflow Pipeline.


  • Initial release of the Cloud Dataflow Plugin for Eclipse.

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