WindowFn.MergeContext (Google Cloud Dataflow SDK 1.9.1 API)

Google Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java, version 1.9.1

Class WindowFn.MergeContext

  • java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • MergeContext

        public MergeContext()
    • Method Detail

      • windows

        public abstract Collection<W> windows()
        Returns the current set of windows.
      • merge

        public abstract void merge(Collection<W> toBeMerged,
                                   W mergeResult)
                            throws Exception
        Signals to the framework that the windows in toBeMerged should be merged together to form mergeResult.

        toBeMerged should be a subset of windows() and disjoint from the toBeMerged set of previous calls to merge.

        mergeResult must either not be in windows() or be in toBeMerged.

        IllegalArgumentException - if any elements of toBeMerged are not in windows(), or have already been merged