CustomCoder (Google Cloud Dataflow SDK 1.9.1 API)

Google Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java, version 1.9.1

Class CustomCoder<T>

    • Constructor Detail

      • CustomCoder

        public CustomCoder()
    • Method Detail

      • asCloudObject

        public asCloudObject()
        Returns the CloudObject that represents this Coder.
        Specified by:
        asCloudObject in interface Coder<T>
        asCloudObject in class StandardCoder<T>
        A thin CloudObject wrapping of the Java serialization of this.
      • getEncodingId

        public String getEncodingId()
        An identifier for the binary format written by Coder.encode(T,,

        This value, along with the fully qualified class name, forms an identifier for the binary format of this coder. Whenever this value changes, the new encoding is considered incompatible with the prior format: It is presumed that the prior version of the coder will be unable to correctly read the new format and the new version of the coder will be unable to correctly read the old format.

        If the format is changed in a backwards-compatible way (the Coder can still accept data from the prior format), such as by adding optional fields to a Protocol Buffer or Avro definition, and you want Dataflow to understand that the new coder is compatible with the prior coder, this value must remain unchanged. It is then the responsibility of Coder.decode(, to correctly read data from the prior format.

        Specified by:
        getEncodingId in interface Coder<T>
        getEncodingId in class StandardCoder<T>
        The canonical class name for this coder. For stable data formats that are independent of class name, it is recommended to override this method.
        UnsupportedOperationException - when an anonymous class is used, since they do not have a stable canonical class name.