Check if active jobs exist for a project (async)

Demonstrates how to check asynchronously if active jobs exist for a project.

Code sample


 * TODO(developer): Uncomment these variables before running the sample.
 *  The project which owns the jobs.
// const projectId = 'abc123'

// Imports the Dataflow library
const {JobsV1Beta3Client} = require('@google-cloud/dataflow').v1beta3;

// Instantiates a client
const dataflowClient = new JobsV1Beta3Client();

async function callCheckActiveJobs() {
  // Construct request
  const request = {

  // Run request
  const response = await dataflowClient.checkActiveJobs(request);



from import dataflow_v1beta3

async def sample_check_active_jobs():
    # Create a client
    client = dataflow_v1beta3.JobsV1Beta3AsyncClient()

    # Initialize request argument(s)
    request = dataflow_v1beta3.CheckActiveJobsRequest(

    # Make the request
    response = await client.check_active_jobs(request=request)

    # Handle the response

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