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Database Migration Service

Simplifying migrations to Cloud SQL. Now available for MySQL and PostgreSQL migrations, with SQL Server coming soon.

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    Migrate databases to Cloud SQL from on-premises, Google Compute Engine, and other clouds 

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    Replicate data continuously for minimal downtime migrations

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    Serverless and easy to setup

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    Available at no additional charge


Simplified migration

Start migrating in just a few clicks with a single, integrated migration experience. Simplify migration complexity so you can quickly get started with Cloud SQL.

Minimal downtime

Enjoy continuous data replication from source to destination for minimal downtime migration. Serverless migrations eliminate surprises and are highly-performant at scale.

Fast track to Cloud SQL

Get all the operational benefits of fully managed MySQL or PostgreSQL, plus the enterprise availability, stability, and security that customers trust for their most mission-critical workloads.

Key features

Key features

Easy to use

The Database Migration Service's guided experience takes you through migration creation with built-in, customized source configuration information, setup of multiple secure networking connectivity options, and built-in scripts for easy execution. By enabling validation before migrations are run, it ensures migration success.

Serverless experience

Eliminate the operational burdens of database migration. With Database Migration Service, there are no migration servers to provision, manage, or monitor, and auto-scaling ensures high-performance, uninterrupted data replication at scale.

Secure by design

Rest easy knowing your data is protected during migration. Database Migration Service supports multiple secure, private connectivity methods to protect your data in-transit. Once migrated, all data is encrypted by default, and Cloud SQL provides multiple layers of security to meet even the most stringent security requirements.

100% open source compatible

Cloud SQL manages 100% open source compatible MySQL and PostgreSQL, so you can lift-and-shift smoothly and with no surprises. Plus, Database Migration Service leverages the native replication capabilities of MySQL and PostgreSQL for highly accurate, high-fidelity migrations, at no additional cost.


Database Migration Service documentation

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Database Migration Service is offered at no additional charge for native MySQL migrations to Cloud SQL for MySQL or PostgreSQL.


Google Cloud partners can help make even more of your migrations seamless.