Review migration job status

After a migration job has been created, you can review the job in the console using the migration jobs page. The migration jobs list presents all migrations both past and present, created by any user, which haven't been deleted.

The migration job list shows a subset of all information available on a specific migration job.

The migration job details page includes:

  • Migration job metadata such as name, migration type, source, and destination.

  • Duration: The total time between migration job start and completion, excluding time that the migration was in Stopped or Failed states, if applicable.

  • Storage Usage: The amount of storage used by the destination instance.

  • Migration job status and sub-status/additional information. For information on the different actions that you can take depending on job status and sub-status, see Manage migration jobs.

Migration job statuses

Migration job status Description Possible sub-status Possible user actions
Not Started Migration job is ready but still not running. This status is relevant if the migration job was created but wasn't started. None Start, Delete
Starting... Migration job is in the process of being started.
  • For MySQL RDS or sources with no SUPERUSER privileges: Waiting for source writes to stop
  • or all sources- no additional sub-status
None. This is an intermediate status that occurs when a migration job is started. Starting the migration job takes between a few seconds and a few minutes. Subsequently, the status changes to Running/Full dump in progress.
Running The migration job is actively running.
  • For MySQL RDS or sources with no SUPERUSER privileges: Preparing the dump
  • For all sources: Full dump in progress, CDC in progress, Promotion in progress
Stop, Promote
Completed Migration job is completed. In continuous migration type, after a successful promotion. In one-time migration type, after the full dump phase is complete. None Delete
Failed Migration job failed due to an error. The last status before the migration has failed: Failed in CDC, Failed in full dump Based on the type of error, the migration job may resume automatically after the issue is fixed, or the failure is unrecoverable, and the migration job will need to be rerun from the start. For information on handling errors, see Diagnose issues for Database Migration Service.
Stopped Migration job is stopped. The last status before the migration job has stopped: Stopped in CDC, Stopped in full dump If in the CDC phase, the migration job can be resumed. If in full dump phase, the migration job can be restarted.
Stopping... Migration job is in the process of stopping after Stop was invoked during the full dump phase. None None. This is an intermediate status that occurs when a user stops a migration job during the full dump phase. Stopping the job takes around a minute, during which the status is Stopping. Subsequently the status changes to stopped in full dump.

Migration job metrics

Migration metric Description
Replication delay Represents how much time the destination instance is behind the source. Use this metric when considering performing a promotion of a continuous migration. Replication delay should be zero at the time of the promotion in order to avoid data loss. Note this metric is only relevant in the CDC phase. For more information on job promotion, see Promote a migration job.
Storage usage Reflects how many GiB are currently being used by the destination Cloud SQL instance. Use this metric to get a rough indication of migration job progress.