Fast-track your migration to BigQuery

Jumpstart your modernization journey with this Data Warehouse Migration offer and receive expert design guidance and tools, partner solutions, and funding support to expedite your cloud migration. Seamlessly migrate from any cloud or on-premises data warehouse to BigQuery and accelerate time-to-value. Google Cloud's serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective data warehouse, BigQuery, is designed to help you modernize your analytics strategy, so that you can make informed decisions and transform your business with ease.

The Offer:

Qualifying customers* can receive architecture and design guidance from Google Cloud engineers, specialized training, proof-of-concept funding, and credits to help fast-track your modernization process. For example:

  • Jump-start planning

    Receive expert advice, examples, and proof-of-concept funding support from Google Cloud to jump-start your data warehouse migration to BigQuery. Work with Google Cloud professional services or Google Cloud data analytics specialization partners for the proof of concept.

  • Receive specialized training

    Deepen your understanding of BigQuery and related GCP services through free training from Qwiklabs, Coursera, or Google-provided classroom courses.

  • Expert design guidance

    Receive architecture advisory and design guidance from Google Cloud engineers with personalized deep-dive workshops at no additional cost.

  • Migrate with confidence

    Qualified customers may also be eligible to receive partner or professional services funding support to offset the migration and BigQuery implementation costs.

*Terms & conditions

Offer valid for new and existing customers only who sign up for Google Cloud Platform License Agreement and are moving off completely of an existing data warehouse solution.

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Advantages of BigQuery as a modern data warehouse

Benefits of BigQuery over traditional data warehouse

Why BigQuery

Foundation for AI

BigQuery ML allows you to build and operationalize ML models directly within your data warehouse. Train powerful models on structured data with Cloud Machine Learning Engine and TensorFlow integration.

Standard SQL

BigQuery supports a standard ANSI:2011 compliant SQL dialect, reducing the need for code rewrite and providing advanced SQL features. BigQuery includes free ODBC and JDBC drivers to ensure compatibility with your current applications.

Flexible pricing models

Choose the pricing model that best suits you. On-demand pricing lets you pay only for the storage and compute that you use. Flat-rate pricing enables high-volume users or enterprises to choose a stable monthly cost for queries.

Serverless design

Serverless data warehousing gives you the resources you need, when you need them without the overhead of infrastructure or system engineering needs.

Real-time analytics

BigQuery’s high-speed streaming insertion API provides a powerful foundation for real-time analytics.

Data warehouse modernization partners

Modernize your data warehouse with tools and services from our tech partners. Get end-to-end migration support from our system integrators.

Data warehouse migration tech partners

Global systems integrators

Regional systems integrators

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