Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a "task" and an "operation"?
A task is an action you perform using the Data Labeling Service, such as importing data, exporting data, or requesting labeling. An operation is the Google long-running job that completes the task you request using an API call.
How do I know when an (import, export, or labeling) operation is done?
When you use the Data Labeling Service API to request import, export, or labeling, the response includes the name of the operation that will be completing the requested task. You can use the operation name to check the status of the request.
While the operation is running, you see a progressPercent field indicating the progress (if it's not shown, the progress is 0%). When the operation is complete, the response includes the value "done": true.
You also receive an email whenever an operation completes.
How do I get the ID of the annotated dataset after requesting labeling?
ListAnnotatedDatasets returns the names of your annotated datasets.The format of the name is projects/sample_project_id/datasets/test_dataset_id/annotatedDatasets/sample_id; the ID is the value that appears after annotatedDataSets/.
What does it mean when I get an HttpError 404 with the message "The requested resource accesses are not available. This request is rejected because of resource conflict."?
It means that another running operation is using the resource. For example, you might get this error if you request labeling before the import data operation is complete.
Why can't I delete my dataset/instruction/labeling task?
There is probably a resource conflict because a running operation is using the resource.
Do I have to manually type in all my labels one at a time to create a label set?
Yes, if you are using the AI Platform Data Labeling Service UI. If you are using the API, you can programmatically forward as many arguments as you want.
Why does my image bounding box data labeling request returns within a few minutes with no annotations?
Most likely your image format is not supported.
Why is the progress percentage still at zero a while after I submitted my labeling task?
Two possible reasons:
  • Your task hasn't been picked up yet, due to a high volume of requests. The task is queued and will be started as soon as possible.
  • You requested multiple labelers per item and not all labelers have labeled any data items. For example, if you requested three labelers, a data item is marked complete only after all three labelers have finished labeling it. Even if all data items have been labeled by one or two labelers, the progress percentage would remain at zero.
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