Cloud Data Fusion FAQs

How is Cloud Data Fusion priced?

See the Cloud Data Fusion pricing page.

What support is provided for Cloud Data Fusion?

Google provides official support for Cloud Data Fusion based on your support level. For detailed support options, please refer to the support page.

How does Cloud Data Fusion handle data location?

You use Cloud Data Fusion to build pipelines that move data from one location to another. Cloud Data Fusion does not store, manage, or move any user data. When you build your pipeline in Cloud Data Fusion, you supply the current location of your data, the processing that you want to run, and the desired destination to store the output. Movement of your data happens only at your direction when you run a Cloud Data Fusion pipeline, which submits a job to Dataproc for processing the data and storing the output at the location you specified.

Additionally, Cloud Data Fusion stores all pipeline metadata in the same region as the Cloud Data Fusion instance, which you specify when you create the instance.

Can I export pipelines from CDAP into Cloud Data Fusion?

Yes, the pipelines that you created in CDAP are fully compatible with Cloud Data Fusion.