Cloud Data Fusion FAQs

How is Cloud Data Fusion priced?

Cloud Data Fusion pricing is split across two functions: pipeline development and pipeline execution.


For pipeline development, Cloud Data Fusion offers two editions:

  • Cloud Data Fusion Basic Edition: $1.80/Hr ($1100/month) with 120 hours/month/account free
  • Cloud Data Fusion Enterprise Edition (Production Use): $4.20/Hr (~$3000/month)


You are charged for the Cloud Dataproc clusters that Cloud Data Fusion creates to run your pipelines at the current Cloud Dataproc and Compute Engine rates.

What support is provided for Cloud Data Fusion?

Google provides official support for Cloud Data Fusion based on your support level. For detailed support options, please refer to the support page.

Can I export pipelines from CDAP into Cloud Data Fusion?

Yes, the pipelines that you created in CDAP are fully compatible with Cloud Data Fusion.

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