Pass a Debezium argument to a Replication job

To pass a Debezium argument to a Replication job in Cloud Data Fusion, specify a runtime argument prefixed with source.connector.

Specify a runtime argument


  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Cloud Data Fusion Instances page.

    Go to Instances

  2. Click View Instance for the desired instance to open it in the Cloud Data Fusion UI.

  3. Click Menu > Control Center.

  4. Click the Preferences icon. The Preferences window opens.

  5. In the Key field, specify a runtime argument for the Replication job by prefixing it with source.connector.

    Go to Preferences and enter source.connector as a prefix to the Key.

  6. Click Save & Close.


To set a runtime argument using the REST API, see the CDAP Preferences Microservices reference.

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