Data Catalog resource projects

To use Data Catalog, you must enable the Data Catalog API in a Google Cloud project that contains the resources you will create or access with the API. We refer to this project as the Data Catalog "resource project".

In the common case, you will only need to enable the Data Catalog API in one project that you own, your "user project," to access resources contained in your project. The Data Catalog quickstart is an example of the creation of a user project that has the Data Catalog API enabled to create and access resources contained in that project.

Identifying the Data Catalog resource project

The following table lists Data Catalog APIs and the associated resources project(s) in which the Data Catalog API must be enabled.

Data Catalog APIs Resource project Notes
get/lookup/search service account project If the X-Goog-User-Project is specified in the HTTP/gRPC Header, also enable the Data Catalog API in the user project to enable quota and billing against the X-Goog-User-Project instead of the service account.
create/update/delete project identified by the /project-id/ in the API request resource parameter Exceptions: see createTag/updateTag/deleteTag in the next row.
createTag/updateTag/deleteTag tag template container project Since the Data Catalog API was enabled in tag template container project when the template was created, no further action is needed to call these APIs. Note: The project identified by the parent parameter for the tag and the tag template used to create the tag must be from the same organization.


  • service account project: the project in which you have generated service account credentials to authenticate your application code.

  • resource parameter: the parameter passed in the API request that identifies the resource associated with the request (for example, see project-id in the tagTemplates.create parent parameter).

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