YoungCapital: high speed, low cost growth with Google Cloud Platform and G Suite

By prioritising internet presence over office space and targeting students, YoungCapital has dominated online recruitment in the Netherlands. With around 5 million eager candidates in its database and 500,000 job applications every year, YoungCapital demands a solid IT infrastructure that can scale to match business growth without running up huge costs.

“There was no competition really. Google had the best cloud solution for us. You can have a really bare bones platform if you need it but then with platforms like Kubernetes Engine and App Engine, you also have the possibility to choose between different ways to . We have a lot of different apps with different needs so that flexibility is really valuable for us.” - Yorick Imthorn, Head of Product & Development, YoungCapital

G Suite and Google Cloud Platform, a perfect partnership

Recruitment agencies handle and integrate multiple streams of rapidly changing data and perform powerful analytics at speed, such as matching candidates with potential employers and processing remuneration data. For tech-focussed YoungCapital, this means creating, maintaining and integrating a host of web applications for its ever-expanding roster of candidates and employer clients. In addition, the company wanted to move to a fully web-based production model. With half a million new applications every year, the company’s matching algorithms and suite of apps were strained but their existing solution’s inflexible pricing plans meant that additional server costs were prohibitive. YoungCapital needed an infrastructure that could scale seamlessly with its business and provide enough stability to support a cloud-based productivity suite.

For YoungCapital, Google Cloud Platform and G Suite on Chrome devices provided a total solution. Midway through 2016, the company teamed up with Google Partner NextNovate to manage the phased migration of its system to Google’s platforms. With Google Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine, YoungCapital could launch apps twice as fast and maintain stability. With Kubernetes, the company could test demonstration apps quickly and easily. Google Cloud Load Balancing kept performance smooth no matter what the server load. Google Cloud Storage provided a secure, robust place to store its growing wealth of user data and Google BigQuery and Google Cloud SQL gave the company a powerful way of querying it. After trying other cloud-based office productivity solutions, YoungCapital migrated to G Suite. Its open APIs and flexibility fit YoungCapital’s energetic spirit better than any previous solution. The company is currently outfitting its staff with Google Chrome devices for a truly integrated, web-centered workflow. NextNovate’s technical expertise and comprehensive training proved invaluable in guiding the company through a full system migration.

“NextNovate has such experience in change management that for us the transition was the best we've ever had. It’s really helpful to have a partner who knows what the main pitfalls are in a migration. It saves time and it makes the whole migration and adoption process much easier. I could not have done the same for the same cost.” - John Muller, Head of IT Infrastructure, YoungCapital

Scaling for success, looking to the future

When YoungCapital migrated its first app to Google Cloud Platform, autoscaling and flexible pricing plans cut server costs by two thirds. Google Cloud Platform’s speed and stability mean that YoungCapital has been able to keep the same number of DevOps staff despite rapid growth over the past year. When the migration is complete, YoungCapital expects infrastructure costs to come down by 30%. Meanwhile, G Suite’s intuitive interface proved a natural fit with YoungCapital’s staff at all levels. On the day of the migration, NextNovate arrived to train the executives only to find YoungCapital’s Chief Executive Officer already hard at work sharing and collaborating on Google Docs. YoungCapital is now looking to optimise its workload by automating app management with App Engine while Google’s powerful machine learning products like Tensorflow will accelerate the company’s employer-candidate matching process even further.

“What’s interesting about a company the size of YoungCapital is that all of its systems are web-based. The staff are on Chrome devices because everything is web-based, they can collaborate easily on G Suite. With Google Cloud Platform, they can easily scale up. When everything is web-based, a whole new world opens up. From a tech perspective, it’s the company of the future.” - Bart Zuidgeest, Founder/Project and Change Manager, NextNovate