Weepee: building better platforms with Compute Engine

Belgian telecoms provider Weepee does more than VoIP for more than 30,000 customers. The company also hosts platforms for complex projects and major clients, including Fleurop-Interflora. For over a decade, Weepee operated these two arms of its business from three local datacenters, but expanding the company on bare-metal servers meant extensive pre-financing and poor adaptability in a competitive market. Google Cloud Platform didn’t just offer an attractive pay-as-you-go pricing policy, it also created fresh flexibility with easy scaling on Google Compute Engine.

“IT is moving faster and faster. When pre-financed physical hardware made more sense, a new platform had a life-cycle of three to five years. Now that same life cycle is around six months to one year. We picked four cloud providers, including AWS and GCP, built a test system on each of them and let them run in parallel for six months. Compared to AWS, GCP offered greater performance at a lower price, with a much more intuitive interface.” - Jonathan van Dooren, Sales Manager, Weepee

Fast migration, faster scaling

In twelve years of business, Weepee had assembled a diverse range of servers in its three Belgian datacenters. While its signature Alpha platform is based on OpenShift Origin, Weepee also hosts numerous bespoke servers for its customers. That’s why Weepee contacted Google technology partner CloudEndure for help with the migration to GCP. CloudEndure provides live migration and disaster recovery capabilities to GCP with near-zero downtime and no data loss.

“We didn’t believe the migration would be as easy as it was. Lots of companies assure you their tooling works fine and then you get caught up in hassle, but we had no hiccups whatsoever with CloudEndure. Their tools work really, really well. We migrated 30 machines in two Saturdays.” - Jonathan van Dooren, Sales Manager, Weepee

With Compute Engine on Google Cloud Platform, Weepee can deploy resources much more efficiently. Rather than commit to pre-financed hardware, Weepee applies Google’s flexible pricing to only pay for the instances it uses. Moving to the cloud means maintenance is minimised, too, as more of the Weepee environment is migrated from bare-metal servers. Meanwhile, Weepee immediately began using Compute Engine to improve its services, with cost-effective scaling to meet peaks in demand.

“We provide the webshop platform for the flower delivery service Fleurop-Interflora in around 60 countries. The day before Valentine's Day, the platform had to process 61 orders per second. That’s a serious data load. With GCP, we automated the increase in resources we needed. Based on the number of orders coming in, Compute Engine added CPU and RAM, then decreased resources when things were back to normal. We proved to ourselves and our customers not only that our new platform works, but that it can handle very high pressures.” - Jonathan van Dooren, Sales Manager, Weepee

Bringing VoIP to GCP

Weepee plans to migrate their complete hosting environment to GCP over the next two years. GCP is central to new plans to overhaul the company’s VoIP offering, too, and the team aim to be entirely cloud-based in the next four years. As Google announce new datacenters in Finland and Germany, Weepee predicts enhanced stability and disaster recovery for its European operations.

“Ultimately, we want to make everything we do geo-redundant. For example, one of the customers who uses our servers is situated in the Philippines. We're on the other side of the world, which can sometimes create a lag. On the Google Cloud Platform all we have to do is select a datacenter closer to the Philippines and that lag disappears." - Jonathan van Dooren, Sales Manager, Weepee