VOGSY: mobile ERP with Google Cloud Platform

By applying a social media interface to business management tools, the innovative VOGSY business solution reimagines ERP for mid-size companies. Created by veteran Amsterdam software developers, VOGSY simplifies ERP by arranging information into linear narratives, increasing efficiency with activity streams inspired by social media timelines. Because the solution is mobile-only and cloud-based, it demands low latency and cutting-edge, well-integrated components. VOGSY founder Leo Koster chose to build on existing technology, basing VOGSY exclusively on G Suite tools and Google Cloud Platform.

“When you start something from scratch, look at what other successful software companies are doing. Most of them do as little as possible, so make use of other people’s hard work and use a platform as a service. I made an inventory of all the existing platforms and Google Cloud Platform was by far the most innovative, the most fun, and the most technologically advanced. It gave me all the opportunities I needed to develop something beautiful.” - Leo Koster, founder and CEO, VOGSY

No more reinventing the wheel

As business management tools become more powerful, business software developers are looking for breakthroughs in a highly competitive market. Where most ERP systems are laptop or desktop-based, VOGSY is designed to accommodate flexible working practices with a mobile-only platform that can be accessed from anywhere. Storing and collaborating on data in real-time through VOGSY’s innovative mobile activity stream demanded fast cloud technology and major development resources, so VOGSY’s team looked for a well-integrated cloud toolset requiring minimal maintenance.

By building VOGSY for G Suite using Google App Engine and Google Cloud Platform, the team made the most of existing technology without reinventing the wheel. Streaming data with Google BigQuery and storing information in Google Cloud Datastore allows VOGSY developers to cut back on maintenance with high-capacity, stable, scalable, NoOps data solutions. GCP servers ensure VOGSY is accessible from any internet connection and its strong data security reassures clients that their information is safe. Meanwhile regular Google updates to GCP and G Suite help optimise VOGSY’s long-term integrity, with forward-thinking changes that ensure compatibility between GCP and G Suite tools.

“In the ‘90s we had to build our own frameworks, libraries and file system management for web-based software. Now we just plug in one of the APIs from App Engine and they’re ready to use. I haven’t seen the richness of App Engine’s APIs, toolsets and infrastructure in any other platforms. AWS provides infrastructure, not a platform. Azure isn’t as advanced as App Engine or GCP. Force.com has too many rules and regulations. I can't imagine building VOGSY on anything other than GCP.” - Leo Koster, founder and CEO, VOGSY

A step-change for developers

Now on the G Suite Marketplace, by 2022 VOGSY aims to have at least 2 million business users at 25,000 companies worldwide. NoOps GCP solutions for data storage and server maintenance leave the VOGSY team free to focus on development, finding new and inventive ways to incorporate APIs into the product.

“My history in software development goes back three decades. The last couple of years have been a step-change. It used to take up to nine months before a new ERP developer was fully productive on our old system. Now it's a matter of weeks. Everything's easier to use and understand with GCP and App Engine. I just couldn’t have imagined that even five years ago.” - Leo Koster, founder and CEO, VOGSY