Treeptik lets developers deploy Java Enterprise Edition apps in the cloud in minutes using Google Cloud Platform


Treeptik is an IT consulting company specializing in Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and cloud computing. Based in Le Tholonet, a village in southern France, Treeptik recently launched CloudUnit, a Platform-as-a-Service offering that allows customers to migrate Java applications to the cloud. With CloudUnit, deployment requires only a few minutes — without changing the application code. As a turnkey PaaS service, CloudUnit takes care of all the plumbing required for a cloud migration.

As part of its functionality, CloudUnit automates the creation of development, test and production environments needed for deploying new Java applications or migrating existing code. Developers push the source code to CloudUnit, and the service compiles the code and translates all the necessary processes in order to deploy the runtime application. CloudUnit deploys cloud applications faster by eliminating the need for the customer to manually create a runtime environment and then manage the deployment process. In fact, CloudUnit offers customers 30 percent time savings on project implementation, and 25 percent reduced costs during the project lifecycle.

Treeptik needed a robust, secure, full-featured hosting environment for customers’ applications, and the ability to automate the creation of those environments on demand. It was essential that CloudUnit offer time and costs savings on building and testing Java EE applications internally, or deploying applications within customer data centers.

CloudUnit needed to be scalable in order to support Treeptik’s business model, and allow customers to choose between a variety of Linux hosts. Customers required flexibility to specify whether applications would be deployed in a public or private cloud, depending on their specific privacy and compliance policy requirements.


Treeptik decided to host its environments on Google Compute Engine , which allowed CloudUnit to create and provision environment instances very quickly. Tests of CloudUnit on Compute Engine convinced Treeptik that the PaaS solution could scale to handle all its customers’ needs. Treeptik was also impressed by Google Cloud Platform’s Web interface, which was easier for administrators than using a command-line interface, as well as the REST APIs, which the company’s developers easily learned.

The cornerstone of CloudUnit is Docker, an open-source project based on lightweight software containers running applications. “Google has been working with containers for a long time, and has developed several tools we use daily. Indeed, we are big fans of cAdvisor, which helps us monitor our containers,” explained Fabien Amico, CTO at Treeptik.

“Our platform sometimes has to be deployed on a cluster,” Amico said. “How do we enable containers to communicate from different hosts? Google has the answer: Kubernetes. This awesome tool helps us manage our clusters of containers as if they were a single system.”


Built on Google Compute Engine and Docker containers, CloudUnit is able to accommodate Java virtual machines for customers that choose to run the Java EE applications on a wide variety of platforms, including three Linux distributions: CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.

What’s more, the ubiquity of Google Compute Engine helps Treeptik’s many customers who use Google’s hosted servers for other projects, as the Java EE applications running within the Treeptik system are fully available to those customer’s other cloud-based applications. Compute Engine also provides a high level of security on those instances, and overall, has reduced the cost of administering the Java EE infrastructure by 30%, said Amico.

“We are able to provision new instances using the REST APIs, and to install our PaaS on the run,” said Amico. “Since it is surprisingly easy, we let our clients ask for their own servers on Google Compute Engine, on which we install CloudUnit as well as a VPN between Google and their servers.” A VPN is a virtual private network, which provides secure data communications over a large network. Using the VPNs supported by Google Compute Engine, customers and Treeptik can access their Java EE applications safely and securely from anywhere on the Internet.

The CloudUnit system also allows customers to access their Java EE applications and environments via a Web-based interface or a command-line, providing flexibility to administrators and software developers — who never need to worry about infrastructure or deployment. Thanks to Google Compute Engine, Cloud Unit also provides resource monitoring and access to user and application logs, as well as the ability to copy the configuration of applications and clone them to speed the development of new applications.