Ravelin: embracing open with Google Cloud Platform

By using machine learning to stop credit card fraud, London FinTech startup Ravelin has become a major player in online fraud prevention. Embedded within the checkout flow, Ravelin’s real-time behavioural analytics flag fraudsters within milliseconds to online merchants through an easy-to-use dashboard. With rates of online fraud up by more than 200% in the year 2015 to 2016, Ravelin know that fast, scalable, constantly improving tools are vital to keep ahead of the growing threat. That’s why the Ravelin team chose Google Cloud Platform for a more flexible, secure cloud provider that embraces open-source.

“We believe in open-source and open standards and open protocols. At Ravelin we rely on a number of open-source technologies to protect our clients from fraud. With Google Cloud Platform we can do that in a fast, globally scalable and more secure way.” - Leonard Austin, CTO, Ravelin

Open, available and super secure

The number of online transactions worldwide has doubled since 2011 and the number of fraudulent transactions has grown 25% faster. To spot suspect purchasers, Ravelin takes in terabytes of historic and real-time data per client through an API, runs them through a machine learning model, then presents vendors with insights through a hyperfast graph database, all within a 300 millisecond window in the checkout flow. Because fraudsters are constantly evolving their methods, Ravelin doesn’t just demand exceptional speed, security, and scalability from its cloud provider, but openness and adaptability, too, so it can take advantage of open-source advances and stay one step ahead.

Google’s open-source compatibility meant it was easy for Ravelin to migrate its entire infrastructure onto GCP. The platform ensures high availability with autoscaling, so Ravelin can handle spikes in traffic in a cost-effective way, thanks to customer friendly pricing. Because fraud is a global issue, Google’s global network allows Ravelin to deploy closer to clients without latency problems. Most importantly, GCP’s strong security and cutting-edge encryption mean Ravelin can more safely store and analyze card details, location data and personal identifiable information for its clients, fully compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI DSS.

“Google is transparent about how it does its encryption by default, and encryption is absolutely critical to any company managing their own systems, transmitting data over a network or storing sensitive data, including sensitive system configurations. Cloud KMS makes it easy to implement best practices for secret management, and its low latency allows us to use it for protecting frequently retrieved secrets. So we have the cryptographic tools necessary to protect our secrets, and the features to keep encryption practical.” - Leonard Austin, CTO at Ravelin

Greeting the future with open arms

In only three years, Ravelin has stopped over £100 million of fraudulent transactions and analyzed over 12PBs of data. Building on that success means staying ahead of fraud, and with Google Cloud Platform, Ravelin can capitalize on the latest developments, wherever they emerge.

“Google was not our first cloud provider, but it is our last and it is the right choice. It was the only provider that we felt had openness as a core value." - Leonard Austin, CTO at Ravelin