Jobtome: Accelerating Search with Google Cloud Platform

By connecting job-seekers with employers in 34 countries worldwide, Switzerland-based Jobtome has become a market leader in online job search. Over 500,000 unique customers visit Jobtome’s websites every day, enter their details and browse up-to-the-minute results filtered from millions of agencies and employers. Jobtome emails personalized daily alerts to another 10 million active users, tailored to their activity on the site. With an 8% increase in page visits over 2016, Jobtome is growing fast in a competitive market. Higher traffic means greater pressure on processing infrastructure, so Jobtome minimizes latency by scaling at speed.

“Our growth was no longer compatible with a physical structure – every month we need to add a new server and improve our resources. We tried several cloud services, but only Google Cloud Platform has the flexibility and pricing we need. AWS was around 20% more expensive, and GCP allows us to change the infrastructure the exact moment we choose to do so.” — Stefano Manzoni, Head of IT Operations, Jobtome

Local servers on a global scale

Delivering high quality search results means filtering the largest data sources possible without compromising on speed or availability. As Jobtome expands in 34 job markets worldwide, its growing customer base demands ever greater storage and computing capacity. The company’s physical servers were subject to downtime, slow to scale and sluggish responding to requests from distant countries. The Jobtome team needed a high-availability, responsive solution that could create new web pages at speed, anywhere in the world.

They found it, with Google Cloud Platform. GCP’s globally distributed servers bring processing closer to users, minimizing geographical latency issues and ensuring high availability with Google Cloud Load Balancing. Scaling on Google Compute Engine means the company can respond to traffic fluctuations by deploying and destroying virtual machines in seconds, instead of waiting three days for each new server. The team’s developers prize this flexibility, and also use Google Cloud SQL to make changes during production and the intuitive Google BigQuery interface to handle varied types of data without learning new languages. All 34 domains were migrated to GCP in three months through Jobtome’s partnership with Noovle, which advised how to fine-tune GCP implementation to deliver maximum value.

“During the migration to GCP, some of our servers were not optimized and were using 100% CPU and very low RAM. Noovle devised a solution to use more RAM and less CPU, saving on the need for additional resources. Thanks to Noovle’s 24/7 support, we are able to get the most out of the GCP tools.” — Stefano Manzoni, Head of IT Operations, Jobtome

Faster pages, fresh development

With GCP, Jobtome has significantly improved website speed in all the regions where it is active, especially on mobile, where it has halved the first frame display time. This increased speed has decreased bounce rate, raised the subscription rate and increased pages per visit. The company plans to accompany growth with a doubling of staff numbers this year, while the reduced maintenance burden of GCP means the team can focus on development, Big Data Solutions, and the challenges of the future.

“This year we are introducing a new team, dedicated to research projects. We’ve invested a lot in research over the past two years and have created proprietary technologies that give us a strong competitive advantage. Now with GCP’s developer-friendly tools, we’re aiming to foresee what type of product will make a difference in three or five years.” — Stefano Manzoni, Head of IT Operations, Jobtome