Confectionary Giant Sweetens Customer Relations Through BigQuery Data Crunch


In the confectionary universe, Ferrero owns some of the most popular and recognizable brands in the world, including Nutella, Kinder and Tic-Tac. Sold in supermarkets on every continent, Ferrero products inspire ongoing loyalty and are known for their quality. Despite its history of success, the company takes nothing for granted, and has redoubled its efforts to consolidate a relationship with its customers and more efficiently respond to their needs.


Like most Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands, Ferrero relied on its distribution and sales outlets for direct contact with consumers. This system created a distance between the company and the people who bought its goods. Knowledge about consumer behavior and preferences was delivered second hand. To compensate, Ferrero sought to create a digital ecosystem as both a point of contact with its customers and a foundation for an innovative, data-driven marketing strategy. For a solution, the company turned to fifty-five, their digital and technology agency.


To gather and compile granular user information from Ferrero’s apps and websites, fifty-five developed a solution called Raw Data. Using Google Cloud Platform’s BigQuery, business analysts from Ferrero can store and analyze massive data sets in a fast, efficient and affordable manner. Processing gigabytes of data in seconds, BigQuery makes data reports about consumer behavior and sales patterns easy to build and automate. Raw Data’s enhanced analysis allows Ferrero teams to then adapt advertising and content across all its marketing channels to better serve specific customer needs.

User Data Reports App


Using Raw Data’s processing and analyzing power, Ferrero can divide its database into real time, actionable consumer clusters to generate more accurate user profiles. In accordance with users’ privacy concerns, Ferrero can now personalize its marketing strategies to match these user needs for example by displaying different advertising content to a new web user compared to a frequent visitor. Raw Data also allows Ferrero to adapt advertising on its apps for an individual consumer. Although Raw Data is still in its early stages, its first impact has been enriched customer knowledge to conduct smarter media-buy strategies for Ferrero.