Customer Overview

Major League Baseball is expanding its fan base with highly-personalized, immersive experiences

Since the early 1990s, MLB has led the sports world in the use of data, showing fans, players, coaches and media what’s possible when you combine data with human performance. MLB is now continuing its leadership in using technology to engage fans and provide new fans a different way to experience America’s Favorite Pastime. 

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The Solution

Migrating for innovation

To extend its reach, attract more fans and ensure that the sport remains America’s pastime for the next 100 years, Major League Baseball is partnering with Google Cloud to create a highly-personalized experience for its fans. By migrating its computing infrastructure to Google Cloud, MLB can innovate in new ways to bring fans even closer to the game. 


The MLB state-of-the-art tracking system has become indispensable for fans, players, coaches, umpires and broadcasters. The system recently migrated to BigQuery to take advantage of innovative tools, cutting processing time, simplifying data engineering and processing and lowering costs. MLB will innovate the fan experience using personalization powered by Google Cloud AI helping to drive deeper engagement with fans beyond live games. 

Reimagining the customer experience with data analytics

In a rapidly changing world, advanced data analytics are crucial to an organization’s ability to respond to change and thrive. Yet many businesses aren’t getting actionable insights from their data. That's where Google Cloud comes in. Built on a culture of openness, data-driven decisions, and cost predictability, Google Cloud offers MLB the innovation it needs to drive growth and stay relevant with fans, now and in the future.

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Technical overview

Solving for operational efficiency with Anthos

More than ever, today's success depends on making the most of both on-premises investments and the various cloud offerings available to you. Learn how Google Cloud is providing simplified operations everywhere to help you succeed in a world of hybrid, multi cloud and edge scenarios that could otherwise threaten to fragment your deployment. Use Anthos to take an uncompromising stand on quality infrastructure everywhere for your applications.

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