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Customer Overview

Turning "inside baseball" inside out with data, insights, and innovations.

Baseball has always been a numbers game. A lot of numbers. Inside all of that data are the keys to taking America’s pastime into the future. And as huge fans of helping fans, we’re teaming up with MLB to push what’s possible on and off the field. By making smarter use of data, MLB is transforming the way fans engage with the sport to deliver a more personalized, immersive experience. 

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The Solution

Migrating toward innovation and a new fan experience.

By migrating its computing structure to Google Cloud, MLB can create a more entertaining fan experience. With innovations like Film Room, Major League Baseball can use Google’s world-class AI to deliver personalized highlights and content that brings viewers even closer to the game. 

With Film Room, fans can search through over 3.5 million clips by player, team or play to create and share videos from the game we all love, dating back to 1929.

Real-time data analytics for game-changing insights.

In a rapidly changing world, advanced data analytics are crucial to an organization’s ability to respond to change and thrive. Yet many businesses aren’t getting actionable insights from their data. That's where Google Cloud comes in. Built on a culture of openness, data-driven decisions, and cost predictability, Google Cloud offers MLB innovation to drive growth with fans, now and in the future, with tools like Statcast. 

Statcast, the state-of-the-art tracking system from MLB, has become indispensable for fans, players, coaches, umpires, and broadcasters. The system is powered by the MLB data analytics platform, which the league recently migrated to BigQuery to take advantage of the innovative tools which cut processing time, simplify data engineering and processing, and lower costs. By utilizing Statcast data and Google Cloud computing, we’ll be serving up improbable probabilities throughout the season that take fans into the ballgame. 

Looking ahead, MLB is continuing to innovate the fan experience with new levels of personalization powered by Google Cloud AI.

Anthos delivers operational efficiency fit for the Big League.

With Anthos, MLB can unify its Google Cloud infrastructure with its on-premises systems at all 30 ballparks to a unified control plane. This allows MLB to simplify operations and deliver applications faster, and scale its architecture to handle vast amounts of new data from Statcast cameras located at each park. This helps power MLB’s latest innovation, Fieldvision, which combines player tracking, ball tracking, and game context recognition to give both fans and teams greater insight into the game. 

Fieldvision leverages Google’s AI and computer vision to autonomously film every angle, every second of every play to analyze the mechanics and physics behind every seemingly impossible play. 

Anthos gives IT professionals a single platform to manage applications across environments, saving time on management and speeding up modernization. The MLB migration to Google Cloud has enabled the league to share data across its teams and operations, and has already resulted in an exponential improvement in analytics and decision making.

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Technical overview

Make better use of your data.

No matter the industry, data is the rocket fuel accelerating business transformation. Google Cloud provides businesses with a data cloud that’s built for scale, speed, security, and flexibility to help them solve their biggest challenges. It also allows businesses of all sizes to transform how they collaborate across teams with the best of Google’s products and services, disrupt old business models, and innovate faster as they shape the future.
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