Euromaster: local flexibility with central oversight on Google App Engine

By providing tyre and vehicle maintenance across 17 european countries, Euromaster has earned a customer base of more than 12 million people. In order to deliver the services they need, the company runs a network of 2,640 service centres with more than 10,000 employees handling processes from supply, finance, marketing, and HR, to transport and business intelligence. Managing such a large organisation means Euromaster tailors its operations in sympathy with local practices and culture. That can lead to a fractured and inefficient enterprise architecture, so Euromaster teamed up with Cirruseo to create a global solution that made room for regional differences.

“We have a network of 17 countries in Europe, each with a different way of doing things and different IT approaches to match. This creates shadow IT and hidden costs, but plans to build centralised systems traditionally came with a very long lead time. Now cloud offers a real alternative. In 2015, we had seven countries launching concurrent projects to address the same issue. Instead of having seven incompatible solutions, we worked with Cirruseo to build a single, scalable, accessible application that could be configured differently for each country. With its powerful tools and easy integration with G Suite, Google Cloud Platform was a clear choice for cloud provider.” - Jacques Paul, IS Director, Euromaster

Centralised solutions for local flexibility

In the increasingly digital vehicle repair industry, being able to adapt to new technology fast makes the difference between success and failure. Euromaster’s large, successful European network operates on a country-by-country basis, meaning radical, centralised technological changes can be a challenge. Following a highly successful implementation of G Suite, Euromaster teamed up again with Cirruseo to create global enterprise architecture that could forecast productivity and centralise data recorded from vehicles as they arrived in its service centres without restricting the freedom of local employees.

By building both apps on Google App Engine, Euromaster and Cirruseo created a solution that fit seamlessly into existing work environments. Thanks to GCP’s integration with G Suite through a single sign on, the new apps were rapidly accepted by the local workforce. CCOP, the company’s productivity forecasting system, uses Google Cloud SQL as a relational database, Google BigQuery for powerful analytics, and is routed through Sheets for ease of use by staff at every level. Meanwhile the Euromaster Digital Mastercheck (DMC) uses BigQuery and Firebase to deliver a mobile app that technicians can carry around a vehicle, relaying analytics data in real-time to the customer and feeding information to a CRM that generates automatic notifications of maintenance needs weeks or months later. In addition to practical gains in service and ease of roll out, Euromaster could restrict spending to a single, adaptable solution that scales easily, thanks to sustained usage discounts.

“As a company, we are moving towards a “buy” approach to tech, preferring managed services and PaaS solutions. But our company also has unique needs and know-how, meaning sometimes we have to make our tools, too. With our knowledge, Cirruseo’s expertise and Google’s managed, adaptable cloud base, we’re building solutions that really make a difference. It’s an excellent fusion of all three elements.” - Jacques Paul, IS Director, Euromaster

Building cross-border transparency

Thanks to more centralised approaches using GCP, Euromaster is already reaping the benefits of improved standardisation, more easily deployable resources and greater transparency on shadow IT spending.

“Technology is a strong differentiator when it comes to gaining customers or increasing traffic. The more agile and accurate we are with our solution, the more we are ahead of our competition. With GCP and Cirruseo, we’ve created the perfect team for adaptable innovation across an international company.”