Ackstorm: Using Google Cloud Platform to help Edebé bring book publishing into the digital age

Barcelona-based Edebé is one of the leading publishers of books and educational materials in Spain and Latin America. With smartphones and tablets now ubiquitous, the company wanted to build an online publishing platform that gives people in Europe and Latin America access to digital content from a variety of devices. The platform would also have a content management system that could be used by editors, writers, programmers and Edebé partners. And it would have to be capable of delivering interactive educational content, including applications.

To build the platform, Edebé turned to Google Cloud Platform Partner Ackstorm, which has more than 15 years of experience in system integration, cloud consulting and infrastructure management. Ackstorm chose Google Cloud Platform because it is highly scalable, and has a high-speed content delivery network (CDN) that can deliver static content such as PDF files.

“We turned to Google Cloud Platform for Edebé because it has an international delivery network that can deliver content quickly no matter where customers are located, can scale on demand, and gave us the tools we needed to create a world-class publishing platform.”

— Javier Domingo, Senior Engineer, Ackstorm

Designing a cloud-based publishing platform

Ackstorm built a global publishing platform using multiple components of GCP, including Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Load Balancing and Google Cloud Storage. Content can be created directly in the platform, or can be imported into it. More than 1,000 books are available in their online and offline versions on the platform, as well as 30,000 associated documents including PDF, videos and more. In addition to the content created by Edebé, teachers and students can create and store their own content. GCP serves static objects such as PDFs, which is vital because so many books and educational materials exist in static formats.

The publishing platform is flexible enough to deliver multiple educational applications from multiple Edebé partners. It handles up to 500,000 simultaneous users. Thanks to the Google Cloud CDN, visitors access content at extremely high speeds no matter where they are located. “Google Cloud Platform helps us reach all of our customers in Europe and Latin America,” says Esteban Lorenzo, Director of Educational Products at Edebé. “Its performance ensures that content is delivered quickly and with no delays.”

“The speed of scaling has been a tremendous benefit for Edebé. Google Cloud Platform can scale in seconds to handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users. And it delivers content fast no matter where people are located, even if they’re far from Edebé data centers,” says Domingo.

Moving beyond print publishing

With GCP, Ackstorm built a publishing platform for Edebé that has allowed it to move beyond print publishing and deliver books and educational content online. Students and others can access the content from multiple devices. With Google Cloud CDN, Edebé has gotten access to a high-speed delivery network it could not afford to build. Because of the platform’s flexibility, partners can create content on it. Edebé has increased overall sales and presence in Spanish-speaking countries in Europe and Latin America. In the first year of operation Edebé has grown by 100%, doubling the number of users, with the same levels of service and quality.

“Thanks to Google Cloud Platform, we have easily extended our business to online publishing. With it, we can better meet the demands of educational publishing in a fast-changing digital environment,” says Lorenzo.

“Google Cloud Platform offered us a rich set of tools that made it easy to build a highly scalable, secure publishing platform for Edebé,” Domingo says.